10 Unique Online Store Sales Strategies

Internet sales are constantly growing. Statistics and research predict growth of more than $ 4.8 trillion in 2021.

So, you need to take a few steps to get your loyal customers and get them to be your marketers instead of spending on advertising.

There are 10 strategies that if you follow them, you can compete in the field of e-commerce and win a strong seat in this field.

Success factors of an online store


1. Choose a specific and unique background


The first step to success in any field is to become interested in it.


William Osler

Imagine selling a T-shirt. This seems to be a great background and is in high demand since everyone wears a T-shirt.


But do you know how many T-shirt stores sell it? Hundreds and maybe thousands, right?


To be clear, imagine you are selling pet furniture. The audience is much smaller now, so you are only targeting pet owners.


Do you know how many online stores sell pet supplies? Of course, much less than online t-shirt stores.

If you are planning to set up an online store, do not set up a store like DJ Kala. Set up a store with your own products and services. For example, sell only electronics.




2- Blog for online store


One of the most important digital marketing tools. Today, the Internet has become the main source of knowledge. Millions of people open their browsers to find answers to their questions.


If you are creating an attractive and unique online store that can attract the interest of visitors, this is a great opportunity to put special content in it.


Creating an online store blog is an easy way to write useful articles and provide good information about your products and industry.


These articles help visitors to read through your site, how to get the best products and offers, as well as descriptions of products (technical descriptions of products).



3- Providing the best customer service

Customers may forget that you offered them the lowest price or the best quality, but they will never forget how you treated them.

Creating a good reputation for your online store is one of the best things you can do in the world of e-commerce.

Reputation spreads faster than anything else, and if you excel in customer service, it will be a permanent free advertisement for you.

If there is a problem with your product or service, there is no need for an excuse, admit your mistake and correct it quickly and fix the customer problem. This is a thousand times better than justifying or blaming the customer.

Good customer support and easy access to you by phone or online chat is the secret of your longevity.

4- Transmitting positive emotions to the customer

A successful online store is one in which your products create a good and positive feeling in the customer and he will always remember you. This is achieved by good response, courtesy and respect, as well as patience in responding to the customer.

One of the best ways to market your game to your customers is to motivate them to connect emotionally to your online store.

Visitors to your site by seeing your site ads or images and slogans with simple words have a sense of desire to buy your product or use your services.

5- Useful movies

Promotional video or product specifications and features videos is the best advertising medium you can imagine.

Create a video about the benefits of your products or offers and discounts and share it on aparat and namash to be shared among those interested in your field. While people are more interested in seeing interesting videos and images, the value of the film is definitely far greater than a simple textual content.

6- Offering special offers and discounts

Who does not like the discount? Any reward that strengthens the relationship between you and the customer is worth the investment and time.

Having a discount shows how much you care about the customer and prove to him that you appreciate him.

If customers know that they will get something extra if they buy from your online store, this will motivate them to buy more.

Create promotions and discounts for your customers, reward them if customers can introduce you to others, this will increase your sales in the long run and increase your brand credibility.

7- Be steadfast

Sure, everyone loves surprises, but surprises only live up to their expectations.

In e-commerce, the most important thing is stability

If your routine is to introduce and add a new product on a weekly basis, continue this process.

If a monthly or bi-monthly discount is part of your routine, go ahead and don’t let your customer feel frustrated.

If your regular customer, offer special services such as discounts or free shipping.


8- Be an expert

Suppose you want to buy a smartphone and go to an online store that sells smartphones.

You go to the product page to see its specifications and information, but you see a sentence like “This is a good, beautiful and modern phone, so buy it now”.

what do you think? Yes, the seller only wants to make money, he does not even know the basic features of the phone. You can easily find another online store.

To gain the customer’s trust, you must show that you are an expert in your field. Your product and its description, photos and content posted on social media, show your credibility.

9. Speak the language of your audience

One of the most important things about making an online store unique is that you understand and speak the language of your customers.

Of course, we do not mean the language of Arabic or English and ،, we mean the language of the transaction, the method of dealing, their terms… and so on.

Customers want to interact with people who think they are in their social circle, otherwise they will ignore you.

Be one of them and be interested in publishing photos, videos and articles in their own language.

Multi vendor store

10. Invite people to introduce you

The best advertising medium is to be introduced by your customers, right?

Remember, people’s feedback is the most valuable thing for a successful and sustainable online store

There is no better ad than what customers say about you.

How you operate should be such that your customers are introduced to others in the online store and social networks.

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