Web design

You know that your website is the biggest showcase of your business. Because today, with the development of technology and the world of the web, one of the most important and influential things that can affect your business is undoubtedly your site. For this reason, site design is very important today. Your website is your biggest website. There is no doubt that website design is the first step to your entry into the world of the Internet. So the design of your website is very important. We at Zarrin Website understand this very well and we have the necessary skills and experience to create a website or design a quality online store worthy of your name.

Why is website design important ?!

Today, businesses have become very diverse, and as a result, with the increase of this diversity, the competitive environment of the market has increased more than before. You need wide advertising channels to reach this volume of contacts. One of the most optimal and principled solutions is website design. Having a website in an internet business is a must.

However, today, due to the tendency of people towards smartphones, the existence of a professional application for the growth of their business in the online platform is strongly felt. So it can be concluded that in a world where people spend most of their time online, having a professional website and designing a mobile application is a great advantage.

In any field you are working in, in order to be able to provide your services in the best way or to introduce your expertise and personal features, you need to design a dedicated site. Today, due to the expansion of the use of online services among the people, in order to be successful, you need to have an effective activity in the Internet space.

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Website design with CMS

طراحی سایت با وردپرس

CMS stands for Content Management System. With it you can manage the content of your site, create new pages and change the design of your site. The most common cms for site design are WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. Using cms to design a corporate site is a very good option.

Each of these content management systems has its own strengths and weaknesses. A good feature that is common among these cms is that they are open source. Numerous features, along with the low cost of setting up a professional website with these content management systems, have made them popular among designers.

WordPress is currently the most widely used cms. Ease of use, scalability, numerous plugins and applications, along with the possibility of designing very beautiful and eye-catching pages, has made the site design with WordPress very popular among designers.

Professional site design

In addition to building a website with cms, it is possible to order a professional site specifically, with special design and coding. If you are considering a website with special features, the best choice is to design a website specifically and exclusively.

To do this, use common programming languages ​​such as python, php and net. Used. Each of these languages ​​has its own characteristics and benefits. Due to the high expertise for coding as well as more time to build a website on a regular basis, the cost will also increase.

Design a dedicated site with php or net. Suitable for those who want unique features and characteristics that common cms can not respond to. In this regard, the golden team of the website, with its professional staff and successful portfolios, is ready to respond to customer requests.

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Website design

If you are looking for a unique website for your business or private facilities, we will do a special design for you. This means that your site will be built from scratch according to your needs.

But when using site design with cms, although there is a possibility of custom design, it is not necessary to choose this method. Instead, you can choose one of the default templates of this site builder and then edit it according to your needs and tastes. As a result, the cost of building your site will be much lower.

The duration of a site design project depends entirely on its features and scope. However, standard web design projects usually take about 7 to 8 months to complete.

According to the golden rules of the website, 50% of the project amount will be received from the dear customer at the beginning of the work. The rest of the costs will be fully settled in one or two steps. The golden team of the website ensures that it provides you with the best services along with the most appropriate site design costs.

Website design with application

Not so long ago, mobile phones were used only as a tool for calling and sending text messages. Over time, cell phones have undergone many changes in design and hardware. Increased processing power when running multiple applications, the use of advanced cameras, routing and Internet connection are just a few examples of the capabilities of today’s phones.

Easy access and attractiveness when using mobile phones has made them widely used among the people. Most people tend to do their daily chores such as online shopping, banking services and keeping up with the latest happenings and news with their mobile phones. This has created a good opportunity for different businesses to design their Android and iOS applications to be able to attract many customers.

Zarrin Web site design and application team, in addition to services such as web design, SEO and optimization, by providing the most appropriate cost of building applications to its customers has the opportunity to develop activities and attract more audiences, applications tailored to Order their type of activity.

One of the most popular and widely used examples of applications that have many applicants today is store application design.