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What is digital marketing?

According to the famous digital marketer Neil Patel: "Digital marketing is any type of marketing of products and services that is done through electronic devices."

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What are digital marketing tools?
Digital marketing has different tools in both offline and online sections, each of which is used according to the conditions and needs. These tools include email marketing and search engine optimization.

In the following video, we will introduce digital marketing:


SEO and content production

You must have heard the phrase “content production is king”. To make the point even clearer to you, all you need to know is that without content, you will have no place on Google and other social networks; Therefore, its importance in SEO should not be overlooked.
Today, due to lack of time for reading, most people prefer to listen to useful content in the form of podcasts. Also, for most people, watching movies and motion graphics or even infographics is more attractive to spend time than a simple text …. So in today’s world Content production is not limited to writing compelling text.

Including the services of the zarinwebsite Team
In this regard, the website offers the production of textual content with images and podcasts based on SEO principles. Content production based on SEO principles is one of the most important solutions in internal SEO and will have a great impact on your site’s ranking in Google. .

Digital marketing and SEO tools

One of the most important and widely used digital marketing tools is Google Analytics. It sounds a bit unbelievable, but Google Analytics provides you with a huge collection of reports for free. You can track and analyze the behavior of your website audience well. Google Analytics shows you how each of your site’s audiences came to the website and how their sales fannel path went.

Matrix is ​​one of the Iranian digital marketing tools that helps startups a lot in this field. As a third party analytics tool, Matrix strives to present campaign results to advertisers in clear and understandable reports. The performance of these counter services is far from judgmental and completely neutral; So you can trust this tracker like all similar international services.

The Matrix service helps you to review and analyze the following:

1. From what source are each of your users attracted?

2. What are the characteristics and behavior of your users in the application?

3. Has there been any violation in attracting new users through advertising campaigns?

When you look at the conversations of today’s business owners, SEO is one of the words you hear a lot. Many users search Google immediately after a question arises in their mind. As a result, it is very important to be in Google results and help the user with your product or service when needed. There are many digital marketing tools to help you optimize your search engine

Other social networks have become part of the daily lives of many of us. Through these networks, we follow the news of the day, read our favorite content and keep in touch with our friends. By using social networks, you can create a good opportunity for your brands to make your brand name in the minds of regular users and establish a friendly relationship with them. Also, publishing your ad on various and popular social networks can have a significant impact on your income and help your business grow a lot.

In these platforms, you can do good influencer marketing and, depending on the subject of your desired ad, communicate with the right influencer and deliver your ads to millions of users in the social network space.
Some of the tools available in the field of social media advertising are:
Tegro – Stent V – D-Sensor-Adventure and …

There are many tools to help you manage all your social networks in one dashboard at a time. As you know, many users use social networks today; As a result, an active and effective presence in these networks can be very beneficial for your business and increase your brand engagement with users. Social media management platforms allow you to set the time for your content to be published. It also helps a lot in analyzing the feedback of social network users by giving various reports and statistics, and also allows you to manage comments optimally.

There are many Iranian tools that will help you in the optimal management of your social networks. Some of them are: Novinhab – Kavan – Sochalo and…

A notification folder is a text message (SMS) that can contain a photo, headline, and short text that is sent to your users and redirects them to your website or app. Millions of promotional and non-promotional notifications are sent daily to various users around the world. You can use different platforms to send push notifications and increase your interaction with users.

With the help of push notification platforms such as whispering, you can increase the rate of return of users to the site, the amount of sales and traffic of your site, and by sending notifications to millions of users, remind them of your presence.

Advertising reporting is another digital marketing tool that helps you attract the attention of many users by publishing relevant and engaging content. Businesses publish content in other media under the name of reporting with various purposes, including increasing brand awareness, SEO, public relations and increasing sales. Using ad reporting platforms such as Tribune, you can display your content on many popular sites. In addition, the Tribune helps you analyze and evaluate your campaign by providing accurate reporting so that you can run a more efficient and effective campaign.

With the increasing use of social networks by people, it is often necessary to put the address of your site in different social networks and increase users’ access to the desired page. Many links have a large number of characters, which makes them lose their appeal to the user and take up a lot of space. With the help of link shorteners, you can shorten and beautify the desired link address and deliver your SMS and… link to the audience in many existing platforms such as social networks.

There are many internal and external shorteners that you can easily use:

Linkpay, Lish, Pielink and… are among the internal shorteners., and…
These include external shorteners. Of course, has not been serving new users for some time, and only users who used to use this service can use it.

Today, immediately after entering many sites, a small online chatbox opens at the bottom right of the page, giving the audience a good sense of support and constant companionship. Online chat and support tools help you easily connect with your site audience and analyze their behavior.
It is gratifying that there are very good Iranian sites in this field and . Below we

The number and types of digital marketing tools are huge. In this content, we tried to introduce many of them. We hope that familiarity with digital marketing tools will help you run better and more effective campaigns by making the right decisions and choices.