Marketing methods and making money from multi-vendor site design

Designing a multi-vendor or police market site such as Amazon and… sites with unique capabilities to meet the needs of users as well as countless vendors. But will launching such a site alone lead to making money ?! How can you increase the revenue of such sites? Join us in answering these questions.

A multi-vendor site is like a passage where you can easily add countless stores and vendors to your police market; Each of which will be able to add an infinite number of products.


The advantages of multi-vendor site design

  • You can add countless traders, suppliers and business owners and factories
  • Multi-seller site allows sellers to register on the site and add and sell their products on their sites
  • at commissions that you receive for each sale of your site.
  • Each seller has its own control panel to control their products and orders
  • Add and modify different payment and shipping methods
  • Restrict transactions and communication between the merchant and the buyer on the site to
  • ensure the process of buying and selling and to ensure the receipt of paid work
  • A professional mobile design like website design
  • Website design of Zarin Market place is free with Android application (Web-View)
  • Ability to add products in the store and select a section or create your own sections
  • Ability to add to favorites
  • Ability to follow comments and products and modify and delete
  • Possibility to pay the subscription fee by bank transfer or ZarinPal and …
  • Ability to receive messages from customers, respond to them
  • Ability to place special offers along with discounts on specific products
  • Ability to display banner ads
  • Advanced comparison capability
  • Ability to send and display user comments about products that will help SEO as well as gain
  • customer trust
  • Ability to activate social networks
  • Ability to add more than one language and currency



Ways to make a profit through the market place site

There are many ways to make a profit by designing marketplace police sites, each of which we will now describe.


1 – Profit from the sale of products

A multi-seller site allows the seller to register on your site and create one or more online stores. The more sellers and visitors to your site, the more profit you will make. Let us explain more; You will receive a percentage of the sales of each product from the sellers; Also, if your site has a lot of traffic, you can receive a fee in addition to the fee for registering and setting up a store on the site.


2 – To activate or add some features

Of course, you are also familiar with the wall site and application. This site charges users for placing ads on ladders. You can also get some money from the sellers who want that feature by placing some features and facilities for your site.

Another feature or privilege you can add is to place their site on the site’s home page, so you can set the price of the stores on the home page and it is a kind of distinctive feature on the site.


3 – Place ads on the site

You can put ads on your site for other companies or markets for a fee, but this method requires a significant number of members and visitors.


طراحی سایت market place


marketing place site methods

First: marketing campaigns

Marketing campaigns develop awareness of a product or service through various media. Marketing campaigns are not just about advertising; Demonstrations and demonstrations, recommendation ads, and other interactive techniques may also be used.

Jobs operating in competitive markets may devote significant resources to it in order to build brand awareness and increase sales. Marketing campaign design is very important given the tremendous impact they have on business development.


Second: Optimize the site for search engines

Many site owners prefer this method because they write a lot of articles about their site activity in a different way and compatible with search engines. The more articles are written and the date of publication is regular, the more visitors there are daily. By constantly writing articles related to site activity, the number of visitors increases.

We hope you find this article useful. In the next articles we will talk about reforms such as B2B and B2C.

Please share your comments and views with us and other members of the Zarin team on the website.


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