Marketplace design benefits

The design of a multi-seller site like amazon must be very beautiful and strong in order to attract a large audience; It should also be able to add an unlimited number of vendors and build stores and add countless products. In this article, we want to introduce you to the design example of  Market place of Zarin website, ie Digi Kala Police Market; To get acquainted with the features of a professional store builder.

طراحی سایت چند فروشندگی


Advantages of designing a market place for sellers

  • One site for multiple vendors
  • Ability to add countless suppliers and owners of companies and factories
  • Every merchant enables him to register on the site and add and sell his products on his sites at the
  • fees you receive for each sale of your site.
  • Each seller has its own management panel to manage their products and orders
  • Add and modify different payment and shipping methods
  • Restrict transactions and communication between the merchant and the buyer on the site to
  • ensure the sales process and ensure wage work
  • A professional design compatible with mobile
  • Android mobile app (web-viwe)
  • Ability to add products in the store and select a section or create your own sections
  • Ability to track requests and change their status
  • Ability to follow reviews and products
  • Possibility to pay the subscription fee through the bank portal
  • Ability to track transaction records, whether paid or received, with an easy and good search engine
  • Ability to receive messages from customers, respond to them
  • Management panel tutorial video
  • Ability to enable, disable and add shipping methods (allow seller to add their own shipping methods)
  • Ability to add the title, store name or link of the seller store and your account or store
  • Ability to load the store logo and photo on the cover of the store
  • Ability to activate, deactivate, delete or modify the seller
  • Ability to enable, disable or modify vendors’ products
  • Ability to manage to add sections only for sellers or use the normal sections of the store
  • Ability to add profits to the seller or ask him to pay automatically or manually
  • Ability to activate social connections for the seller
  • Ability to activate and deactivate shipping and payment methods
  • Ability to add more than one language and currency and connect to the paypal portal

طراحی فروشگاه اینترنتی حرفه ای


Ways to Profit From Professional Online Store Design

By designing a police market site, you will have many profitable ways ahead; We will now describe each of these methods in detail.


First: the profit from the sale of products

The multi-vendor site allows merchants to register on the site and create one or more online stores, list products for each store separately, and display these products for sale through their admin panel. Therefore, the more sellers your site has, the more diverse number of visitors will be attracted to your site, and this means more sales …. By launching a successful advertising campaign, your site will definitely attract more visitors and sellers.


Second: Get more profit from some vendors by including certain features

In multi-vendor site design, as the number of site vendors increases, many merchants flock to show their store with a distinctive look; To attract many visitors.

You can put their products on the main page of the site and create a distinctive feature on the site. Another method is to display the products separately in their own store or on the main page of the site.

This is exactly what happens when designing a site similar to a wall. On such sites, people pay more to make their ads special or ladder.


Third: Place ads on your site (attract through ads)

As with Google AdSense ads, once Google subscribes to Google AdSense ads, it gives you a program code to place on your site to show Google ads on your site as soon as visitors visit. You can also place ads on your site for other companies or brands for a fee, but this method requires a significant number of visitors.


فروشگاه اینترنتی چند فروشنده


Marketing methods for the market place

First: marketing campaigns

Marketing campaigns are done by placing ads for your site on these sites. This is done with a sum of money on a popular site, Google AdWords or advertising forums. One of the most important advantages of this method is that it gives direct results. After the ads start, visitors will come to your site and use this profitable method. Getting visitors to your site can also be expensive for some site owners.


Second: Optimize your site for search engines

Many online store owners prefer this method; Because they write a lot of articles about their site activity in a different way and compatible with search engines. The more articles are written and the date of publication is regular, the more visitors there are daily.

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