Professional application design

In the age of technology, despite the variety of mobile applications, designing Android and iOS applications is definitely one of the main concerns of people who want to expand their business. Now the question is what are the features of a professional application ?! How to find a person who can program well and implement professional application design well ?!

Given the proliferation of Android and iOS app design, and the importance of gadgets today having to be controlled by an app, finding professionals who can design professional apps well. In this article, we try to acquaint you with the features of making a professional application; Because the golden team of the website, with valuable technical knowledge and experience, always tries to provide the best service to its customers.

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Advantages of

application design

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The importance of application design

How many times a day do you usually use different applications ?! Basically, applications have a huge impact on different businesses and different fields. Most people today have easy access to a smartphone. Mobile applications have increased communication between service providers and audiences. For example, today you use the taxi finder application to request a taxi and store applications to buy goods.

Store application design and corporate application design and taxi finder application design are all services that an application designer and programmer should be able to provide. Designing a professional app makes it easy for you to connect with your contacts. Of course, the notifications that applications send to the smartphone user also have a great impact. Sending a message keeps the customer connected and reminds them that you are always available, which will have a huge impact on users.

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Application design features

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Compatible with Android version 6 and above

The Zrinwebsite team of the website designs the application in such a way that the designed applications will be compatible with version 6 and above of Android. The designed app will also be updated by updating new versions.

Compatible with all versions of ios - in ios

Applications designed for iOS are all compatible with version 6 and above.

Ability to customize the application

One of the special features that should be considered when designing the app is the possibility of personalization. When users are faced with an application that has this feature, they will be able to communicate more easily and have a great user experience.

Designed to provide a variety of services

One of the applications of Android application design can be to provide services. Services such as internet taxis or freight orders are great examples.

Design based on user experience

In order for the app to be designed based on user behavior and to be used in such a way as to attract their attention to perform certain events, our graphic designer offers a design based on user experience, and with the final approval of the employer, the plan goes to action. .

Ability to launch in all cities and countries

The built-in app can be used in any city and country and there are no restrictions in determining the location.

High and superb loading speed

It does not matter if your application is a store or a service, it has a high loading speed in publishing products or services, which is an important factor in being selected by more users.

6 months free technical support of the application

After the app was created; Zarinwebsite support team is at your service for 6 months to solve any technical problems of the application and help you.

Other benefits of designing and building applications

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Increase brand credibility

One of the benefits of building a professional app is creating branding for your business. Having a professional application will increase the credibility of your store compared to traditional sellers.

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Professional marketing

Today, business owners who have realized the importance of loyalty will be several steps ahead of other businesses. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. This can bring the customer back to your collection and be a marketing method for your business.

Application design tips


To be successful in application design, you need to be creative and use new ideas in your applications. Attractive application design attracts more users.


Simplicity is an important principle of application design. If your app is too complex, users will soon get tired of using it and leave your app.


If your app is very useful and functional but not beautiful, you will lose a lot of users. The use of beautiful colors and simple templates attracts users.


Security is one of the most important issues in an application. It is best to update your app from time to time to thoroughly review the app’s security issues and gain users’ trust.

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