Zarin Professional Website Builder

Designing a professional online store may be a good way to help your business grow and develop as long as the site is designed to be principled.

Zarin Website Store Website Design Group, along with each of its professional store builders, also provides an Android store application (web view – free) to its customers. Designing a variety of store sites is our specialty.

Among the features of designing a store site, having the ability to have multiple vendors and having features such as:

1- Connecting to the payment gateway

2- Ability of multi-price products (wholesale price and retail price)

3- Possibility of advanced product comparison based on common features of goods

4- Smart display of the offered product and related to each product and category

5- Possibility of reviewing users and experts

6- Designing the template and layout of your store with the ability to drag and drop in the management section

7- A police marketplace with the possibility of providing an infinite seller panel

طراحی سایت فروشگاهی
فروشگاه ساز حرفه ای

Features of sales, warehousing and accounting
Ability to issue invoices and pre-invoices along with the printed version
Ability to manage orders and follow up by the customer
Has a system of order history and user purchase records
Comprehensive internal accounting system with 9 reporting methods
Intelligent inventory control system and coordinates with the inventory entered by you
Possibility to determine management groups (financial manager – warehouse manager – manager…)
Sales based on inventory number and inventory control with six selectable behaviors
Ability to get Excel input and output and group price changes

Introducing Zarinwebsite Police Market Store Website

With multi-vendor capability
طراحی سایت

Professional store site design

Frequently Asked Questions about Zarinwebsite Professional Store Builder Website:

(100$)The cost of designing a store site is paid only once and is for the store template and its Android application (web view). Therefore, you will not need to pay a separate fee to prepare its Android application (web view). The application will be delivered to the customer within one working day after the site is delivered to the customer and its categories are performed.

The site is supported 7 days a week through the Zarrin team support system of the website, the address of which is sent to the dear buyers during the purchase email. Telephone support is not possible due to the large volume of team activities, except for urgent cases such as deleting the template or making it viral, otherwise the support will be by tick and the time to respond to tickets is finally two working days.

Site support is free for 6 months after purchase. After this period, extension of support if the customer needs and the cost of annual support is  25$.

Support will include: troubleshooting the website, back up and restore, new template updates, tutorial on working with the template. Items such as adding features or changing the appearance of the template do not include free support, and if the customer needs and also possible for the zarinwebsite team of the website, it will be done at an additional cost.