Website Design Tips For eCommerce Stores

With the increase in people’s trust in buying from online stores, sellers have become very interested in setting up an online store; Because they can sell their products in a wider market, anytime and anywhere.

But what makes it a professional online store ?! In this article, we want to tell you the important points of designing a store site; So join us with ” Website Design Tips For eCommerce Stores “.


Important points in setting up an online store | ecommerce

First of all, it is not bad to know more about the benefits of setting up an online store | ecommerce ; Benefits such as:

1- Providing the possibility of shopping at any time and place

2- Possibility of sending the product to any part of the country

3- Responsiveness and giving a sense of trust and confidence to the customer with 24-hour support

And …


Creating a sense of security and confidence in the customer

The first and most important factor in online shopping is creating a sense of security in the buyer. You need to inspire a sense of security and trust so that the potential buyer can become a real buyer.

In order to instill a sense of security in the buyer, the customer should know that if he is not satisfied with your product and service, he can express his criticism correctly and be sure of your pursuit of this matter and providing customer satisfaction. The best way to create this feeling in the customer is to pay attention to the following three things:

1- Having after-sales service

2- Online support

3- Having a trust symbol that has a great effect on increasing visits and purchases from your site.


Observe the principles of psychology and internet marketing

Another factor that makes a customer last is the way the seller is welcomed and the type of product layout. Next, the quality of services and products as well as after-sales service also has a tremendous impact on the seller’s permanence and permanence.

A site that is designed based on the principles of psychology can act as a professional and knowledgeable salesperson for you, because it has the right visual elements and a precise sales and internet marketing strategy.



طراحی سایت فروشگاهی


Attractive design and attractive offers for the front page

The first page of the store site is its main showcase. Special offers, discounts, sales festivals, etc. should be presented to users in an attractive and standard context.

Your site menu, which introduces products and services, should be attractive and give users a pleasant shopping experience.


Introducing related and suggested products

By placing related and suggested products, you will increase the chances of buying that product, because you will eliminate the hassle of searching more from the users and the buyer will feel the need to buy and provide it.


Ability to search and filter products

Despite the great variety of products as well as the features and characteristics of each product, adding the ability to search and filter on products will make it easier for users to access your products and different parts of the site.


View product details

It is safe to say that one of the most attractive parts of the site is the product details section. How you introduce products has a big impact on your store SEO. In this section, in addition to product technical information, you can discuss how to use the product and similar items such as how to repair the product, after-sales service, etc. Through this method, you can do effective content marketing for your store site.


Provide a variety of payment methods

Diverse shopping methods provide confidence and comfort to the buyer. The buyer can choose between online, face-to-face payment and … any method he likes.


اصول طراحی سایت فروشگاه اینترنتی


Show user comments

The credibility of a store site depends on two factors of good and online support every day of the week and 24 hours a day, and also evaluating the comments of the site users will be an important factor in the credibility of your store site.

Conversation between users keeps the site up-to-date and thus maintains its position in Google. The more active and up-to-date the activity in the comments section, the more visits to that site will be than other sites.


Having a dynamic shopping cart

Definitely the most used shopping cart section in any store site. The shopping cart should be such that the user can easily delete or add purchased products and also be able to edit product specifications (color, number, etc.).

Ability to view the final cost, discounts applied, etc. are among the things that you should be careful when designing a store site and buying it.


Various methods of sending goods

A variety of ways to send products to the buyer is one of the positive advantages of buying from an online store. In addition to various methods for sending products, you can also provide a variety of capabilities for your customers, such as free shipping methods and delivery schedule.

Finally, note the price of the store site design according to the features and how and how long it is supported. What factors do you think are involved in the success of a store site ?! What factors will have a negative impact on online sales ?! Share your comments and suggestions with us and our other companions.

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