Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

User obligations:

1- The technical support system is in the form of sending a ticket request to the customer support system. Technical support is not provided by phone, so you should avoid contacting the sales department for separate technical support, sales department colleagues can not provide any assistance over the phone.

The phone call is only for the initial order of the site and after that, all users are required to register in the customer portal and use the advanced ticketing system, because it is not possible to provide guidance and presumably send links and images and تلفن by phone. Phone calls for support will also be referred to the ticket.

The response time to each ticket varies between 15 minutes to 24 hours during office hours, so the user is obliged to refrain from sending duplicate and unrelated tickets until receiving a response.

2- Website design does not mean writing content, product entry and placing images by Zarrin website on your site. Any entry of information and data entry is entirely the responsibility of the customer and the legal responsibility of all content and images of the site is the responsibility of the customer. The purpose of designing the site is to set up the purchased site builder in accordance with exactly what is stated in the demo provided by the site.

At the beginning of site delivery, there is usually a series of content and images by default and unrelated on the site, the purpose of which is only familiarity and example of how to use the site and the customer can through the admin panel received from Zarrin website , Edit or delete the default content. Logo design, logo, banner and graphic items are not the responsibility of Zarrin Website, but upon request, at the cost of design, the desired logo can be designed for you by our graphic design team.

3- When sending a ticket to support, send requests related to a subject in a separate ticket and refrain from sending different and unrelated topics in a ticket.

4- To follow the previous ticket or send a reply to the previous ticket, do not open the new ticket, reply to the relevant answer and follow-up through the same ticket in the support system.

5- Support requests are not processed by phone, SMS, WhatsApp consultant, Telegram, etc., so support will always be provided through the ticket sending system.

6- Do not send a telegram and vague request. Mentioning more details is in your best interest and speeds up the response process. If necessary, for a more accurate and faster review, be sure to request the name of the service (domain), login information for the admin section, the full text of the error message and a screenshot of the section in question.

7- Always register and request support in the customer support portal with the same email that you initially ordered in Zarrin website, our operators are not allowed to respond to another email. It is worth mentioning that as soon as Zarrin operators respond, a website, email or SMS will be sent to inform the customer.

8- Zarrin Web site backs up all the information on the sites and customer databases, on a regular weekly and monthly basis, however, you are responsible for the files and content on the site. It is your responsibility to get a backup copy, change your password every once in a while, and in case of any problems with these items, you can request data recovery and it will be done for you during the support period, but if You have not backed up any information and our full backup version may not be complete. Zarrin website is not responsible for this.

9- Specific changes in the site design service and mobile application design, including: adding new programming features, custom template edits, custom graphic design of images (icons, headers, banners, etc.) as well as site ranking, SEO and optimization services, Services to increase traffic, Internet advertising, etc. do not include the support of site builders, and if it can be done, it will be done by the relevant unit for a fee. The free application version provided by Zarrin Website is a web application, and if the user needs the application in another way, it can be done for a separate fee.

10- The user agrees that according to the descriptions provided about each of our products and services on the site and also the creation of a permanent license for your domain in each service, after registering the return order, the amount paid (or a percentage of it) in any way It is not possible. Please check carefully the contents of the site, portfolio or online demo of the product you want before buying. The site set up for the user in terms of speed, performance and appearance is exactly the same as the demo version provided on the site.

11- Sending bulk promotional emails (Spam) on shared hosts is prohibited, and in case of sending a group email, the website will be automatically suspended by the server and will be returned to the site administrator after a warning. In case of duplication, the server will send you a backup file of your data and request migration from the server.

12- The user agrees that under no circumstances should the maximum liability borne by Zarrin Website for possible damages exceed the total amount you paid for the specific services and products purchased. Zarrin Website also operates as a site design team. Slowly

13- Zarrin support system of the website automatically notifies the main email of its customers for renewal of hosts or domains. If the customer’s email has been changed or the email has not been received for any reason, the customer is obliged to renew it. Apply for support and be aware of when your hosts and domain expire.

14- Possibility of face-to-face meeting and concluding a contract ‌ Only for special orders over two million Tomans will be concluded in person and for other plans, invoices and virtual and digital contracts in software and in the customer portal for each service automatically Will be issued and there is no human intervention in the issuance of invoices and dates and و. Also, the time of order renewal in the coming years is exactly equal to the time of domain registration or service registration.

Obligations of the operator (employee / supporter):

1- Zarrin Website Operator undertakes to make every effort to answer the questions related to the service support within the provisions of the agreement, while supporting the user.

Note: It is worth mentioning that Windows training services, programming language training, Photoshop training and things like that do not include employee duties in any way. However, Zarrin website has started to solve non-user support problems by launching training sections.

2- Zarrin Website is obliged to deliver the customer’s order in accordance with what it has provided to the user in the form of a demo without any shortcomings. The customer’s criterion for ordering the demo version of the site builder is based on the time of their order and providing all its capabilities until that moment is the golden duty of the website.

3. The operator is obliged to respond to the user politely and respectfully in order to solve the user’s problem.
4. Zarrin Website may not share, sell or share your personal information with other persons or unreliable companies, unless it is for the purpose of providing the services or products you have requested, which is also subject to your permission. You are done.

5- Zarrin website uses all its power and knowledge to provide the best sustainable service and observes the maximum quality standard on all services