What are hosts and domains? And more tips

If you are planning to launch a WordPress or dedicated site, you have definitely come across modifications such as hosting and domain. But what are hosts and domains and how many types of hosts and domains do we have? What kind of hosting is right for starting a business and which companies offer the best hosting services…. These are all questions we will answer in this article; So join us…

host and domain

Let’s say you set up a store in a mall. Your store definitely includes the following:

Name and address of the store
Store building
Your name and address are the same domain, and the store building that gives you space to sell products is the same. In each shopping center, the name and license plate of each store must be special and unique, so that by entering the shopping center, anyone who has the name and license plate of your store can easily access your store. On the other hand, this store must have a place other than the name and license plate. To offer products and maintain it, which are called hosts on the site. Now that you are very familiar with hosting and domain, let’s give a comprehensive and complete definition of each and examine which companies to provide hosting from and what is the criterion of a good hosting?

A domain is the address of your site on the Internet, which consists of two parts: the domain name and its extension.

Domain is the name through which a website can be accessed. In general, a domain consists of two parts, the name and the suffix. Domain name is the most important part of a site address. This name can be a combination of 3 to 64 letters, numbers or dashes (no spaces). To register a domain, you are allowed to use numbers, letters, or a combination of both.

1- suffix

Permitted and valid extensions that can be divided into three general categories as follows:


A. General extensions

These extensions are allowed for registration and use by the public and any type of user. Registration of these domains is possible through companies called Registrar. These extensions include: .com, .net, .org,..


B. Exclusive suffixes

Extensions on which individuals and organizations with specific characteristics and activities can register a domain, or activity on these extensions must follow certain rules.

Such as: gov, .edu, .co, .ir, .org, .ir.

It will be mandatory to submit documents and comply with special rules during registration or during use.

Domain types

C- National extensions

Countries can have their own country suffix or code in addition to the suffixes mentioned. This code is two letters, like the abbreviation of Iran, which is .ir. The management of these extensions, the laws and the manner of their allocation will be in the hands of the governments or centers introduced by the official authorities of each country. For example, for ir domains, the official reference is nic.ir.

It is true that domains are issued under the supervision of an institution; But different extensions may have different registrars or registrars.

Note that choosing a domain name depends on your taste, but for better SEO and longer retention in the minds of the audience, it is recommended that your domain name be appropriate to the content of your site. Domain name with ‘. ‘Separates from its suffix. Extensions are divided into national and international categories; The extension is selected according to the type of website activity. For example, edu extensions for educational websites are gov for government sites and..

Do not forget that each site needs a unique domain, so it is not possible to register a domain that has already been registered.

Domain selection guide

The best domains are short and special domains that are easier to remember. If the domain you choose is two-part or even better, the best way to register it is without the space between the words; Because the dash between the words will have a negative impact on SEO and site ranking. for example :





The effect of using keywords in choosing a site domain
The best way to market and optimize your site for search engines is to search for keywords.

Now to choose the keyword related to your activity type, it is better to refer to free tools such as: Keyword Tool or Google Keyword Planner and paid tools such as MOZ, Ahref, SEMRush and.. Using these keywords in the URL will increase your site’s SEO ranking.

 How to Decide Which Domain Extension is Right for You

After selecting the name, go to the who.is site and for ir domains, visit the Irnic site to check if the domain you are interested in can be registered and no one has registered it before.

Domain expiration

The domains you register have a lifespan of, say, one year or more, which can be taken over by others if you do not re-register within the time limit.

Of course, the service provider will usually send you a reminder before the domain expires and you will have to renew the domain validity.

  • The domain name should be short and easy.
  • Use keywords related to your activity.
  • It is best not to use numbers and spaces in the domain name. 
  • check this site ( who.is ) to check and register your domain
  • Renew your domain registration at the appointed time

What is a host and how does it work?

A web host is a place where your site information is placed so that users can view the site through communication with it.

It should be noted that the connection between the domain and the host is established via DNS, which is configured on the domain; So note that after buying the host, be sure to set the correct DNS of the relevant company, according to the plan you have purchased, on your domain.

Now by entering your domain in the browser, the information located on your host will be loaded and the so-called domain will be connected to the host.

Hosting Tips

Hosting sites give you space to put all the information you want to publish on your site on their server. But how to choose the right host?

Important factors in hosting choices

Here is a short list of the most important factors to consider when choosing a host.

  • Price
  • Quality, speed and availability
  • Bandwidth
  • Provider company support
  • Secure data security and backup
  • Hardware and software used by the company
  • Originality and credibility of the hosting company
  • Provide SSL security certificate
  • Ancillary services provided by the company.

Prices are ‌

Hosting prices are determined based on the services provided by the hosting company and the authenticity of the company, but also consider the competitiveness of prices and choose the best option by comparing prices.

Speed ​​and availability

Site speed is determined by the hardware used (such as high-speed ssd) and the location of the server (for example, Iran or Germany).

Availability means the average availability of a server over several months or years. Sometimes the server is out of reach of users due to problems or hardware or software updates and the site is down.


Your bandwidth or traffic is the amount of traffic that can be used over a month. If your traffic runs out during the period, the host will be out of reach. For example, if your site traffic is 10 gigabytes per month, 10 gigabytes of your site users can download from the site, but note that the loading of the site itself will reduce the amount of traffic.

Support for hosting service companies

Hosting companies support the following types:

  • Support via ticket
  • Telephone support
  • Support through social networks
  • Support via online chat
  • 24/7 support (ie 7 days a week and 24 hours a day)
Secure data security and backup

Regular backups and security of the information you provide to hosting companies are even more important in the following cases:

Clear site information and no backup
Theft of your important information and products by the employees of the hosting company
Server hacking and information being stolen by hackers
So be sure to choose a company that regularly backs up your data.

Hardware and software used

The speed of your site is determined by hardware factors such as the type of hard server whether it is ssd or not and the specifications and features of RAM server, cpu and…

Also, whether your host is shared or dedicated, ie how much of this hardware resources is allocated to you, will have a significant impact on the speed and quality of site loading.

The importance of the control panel can also be mentioned about the software used by the hosting company.

The site control panel is a place to manage your site. Types of control panels are cpanel or directadmin.

Originality and credibility of the hosting company


Companies with good work experience show the overall level of quality of the company. Companies that have made a good name for themselves over the years and their users are satisfied with their choice will assure you that they are definitely a safe option to use hosting services.

Provide SSL security certificate


The number of sites using the https protocol has increased in recent years. Using this protocol has a positive effect on SEO and site position in Google. Some companies offer ssl certification for free; And if you want to get ssl separately from other companies, you may need to pay the cost just for this.

Ancillary services that the company provides to you


Providing ancillary services is also important for the ease of your work. Services such as:

Foreign exchange services (such as buying dollars from foreign companies)
Marketing and SEO services
Advertising services like Google AdWords
Website design and graphic design services

The final advice in choosing hosts


Finally, our recommendation is to choose the best option according to your current situation, considering your budget and the volume and space you need, as well as viewing different hosting plans.

Of course, it is important to mention a few points here:

1- Everyone should choose the resources they need to buy hosts according to their financial capacity and type of website. 2- Host support. All of these companies offer a variety of services, but do they all have good support? Do they respond consistently and correctly when your site has a problem? So you have to note that hosting is more important than anything else.

3- Never pay attention to the unlimited resources! Because many unlimited services provided by different companies are not of good quality. We also suggest that you never go for cheap hosts! Shared hosting may be a good place to start, but having a host without good support and service will cost you even more at a low price. So if the hosting price is low, look for the reason to make a good choice.

Classification of types of hosts


1- Types of hosts according to the operating system and programming language (Linux or Windows hosting)

2- Host based on geographical location (Iran host, Germany host and و)

3- Hosting according to content management systems (WordPress hosting, WooCommerce hosting, PrestaShop, etc.)

4- Hosting based on price (free hosting, cheap hosting and…)

5- Hosting based on quality (regular hosting, special hosting, etc.)

6- Types of dedicated or shared hosting

Shared hosting and dedicated hosting

Choosing the right host is one of the biggest challenges for emerging sites; Is it a matter of using shared or dedicated and virtual hosting ?! This is the first question that will arise.

Differences between shared hosting and dedicated server

All information and data of your site is stored on the server. It is a computer server with very high speed and is online 24 hours a day, so your site is available 24 hours a day.

Shared hosting is when your site and several other sites are on the same server at the same time and share its hardware and software resources. When the hosting is shared, the hosting company itself does the server setup and maintenance and you do not need to do anything.

But another type of hosting is when the host company assigns a server to you only. It is very clear that the costs here will be higher than in the previous case. This type of hosting is for very popular sites.

The difference between shared hosting and dedicated server is in the resources provided by the host. In shared hosting, you share with other sites, but in dedicated hosting, resources are fully available to your site.

Space and bandwidth

Is the space or amount of volume that you can store files and information.

Bandwidth is a monthly parameter that is the allowable amount of users downloading or loading your site on a monthly basis.

Difference between shared and dedicated hosting costs

It is clear that the cost of shared hosting is much lower than dedicated hosting because the cost of renting and maintaining a server is shared between customers, while in a dedicated server all costs are borne by you alone.

Security of services


In shared hosting, the hosting company installs firewalls and security modules on the services, but on a dedicated server, this is your responsibility.

However, due to the fact that other sites also put their own files and information in shared hosting, the risk of creating a security problem is higher.

Server maintenance and settings


In shared hosting service, all matters related to hosting, including maintenance, settings and security, are the responsibility of the company, and you do not have access to the server to make changes.

But on a dedicated server, you are responsible for all server matters, including maintenance, configuration, and security; So in this case, you definitely need technical information in the field of hosting, and if you ask the company to do these things for you, there is an extra cost.

Startups and newly established sites


If you have a medium and normal site, considering the costs and parameters mentioned, we recommend that you start with shared hosting and provide a dedicated server for it when your site reaches a good return.

Types of hosts based on programming languages

Your site needs its own host in any way or language it is written.

For example, if your site is written in php or java programming language, you should use Linux hosting, and if it is written with asp.net, you should use Windows hosting. Now if your site is written with a combination of the above two languages, you should use Windows hosting because Linux hosting does not support asp.

Internal hosting or external hosting


Each of the above hosts has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, the following can be mentioned:

Internal hosting is faster for domestic users.
External hosting is faster for external search engines and external users.
Among foreign hosts, European hosts such as Germany and France are better choices.

The desired budget for the purchase of hosts

Various factors affect the prices of hosts. You need to provide the right hosting for your site, given the importance of each of these factors.

For example, if you have just launched your site, you can also use cheap hosting or shared hosting. But do not sacrifice good host support for its cheap price !!! Do not be alone when your problem arises.

Now you tell us, which of the above companies do you think are suitable for hosting ?! What do you think are the important features of a good host? Please share your comments and views with us and other golden companions of the website.

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